Automatism Has Even Come For Rural Farmer

Not quite AI, no need to go to that extreme, but safe to say (in more ways than one perhaps) automatism has reached the rural farmer, always left to his own devices in a number of areas, hundreds of miles from the nearest center that resembles some form of civilization. Not to suggest that being, living and working out in the countryside is uncivilized. But even so, the life and times of the rural farmer can be pretty harsh.

He’s got to take care of his own food security. Speaking of which, he’s got to take care of his own security, period. Fortunately, he is more than capable and adaptable. There is more than enough acreage for him to plant his own crops alongside his specialist or select harvests for marketing. And then again, he’s still going to be battling it up against the elements. Always good to have good, prosperous years.

automatic farm gate opener

But being adaptable and hardy, the rural farm owner is able to withstand those harsh and lean years. Stuck in the middle of nowhere or in the back of beyond, he is also able to protect himself, his family, even his labor, and certainly his goods from the barrel of a gun. In this area, he is usually responsible, and being a proud member of the austere NRA. Every wee bit helps, as they say. And that’s where automatism comes to the fore. Not quite AI but certainly sustainable. It’s an automatic farm gate opener, to be sure.

It’s a sustainable device because it only requires the use of battery power. And today’s batteries, well they do last a long time and they’re certainly no energy sappers in the way that conventional sources of power, like electricity, are.